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About Our Team

Ezequiel Reyes


Hi there My name is Ezequiel Reyes, I am one of the owners and currently CEO of Ancient Energy. I started this company to provide spiritual based products for people that are looking to express their spirituality through jewelry, singing bowls, orgone energy tools and many other ways. I believe that simple physical products can help us connect deeper to our spiritual practice and help us express more of our spirituality. These spiritual tools are not needed, however for many people they are an extension of how we express ourselves. In that way I feel that these tools for spirituality are beneficial for our everyday lives.

I have been through a lot in my life; pain, suffering, confusion, tremendous fear of the unknown and through these moments I remember holding one of my quartz crystals to help ground myself or wearing an obsidian necklace to help ground myself. For many people new to spirituality a lot of these tools like orgone and crystal necklaces can help remind themselves to stay grounded during their spiritual awakening which can be rough at times.

I will be sharing more on our social media platforms if you want to get to know me or my team better. Thank you for visiting Ancient Energy!

Albert Gaytan


Albert centers on the concept of oscillating a holistic spiritual experience, where one learns more about themselves and the importance of being in source to seek Divinity. With the fused sacred properties from Ancient Energy products, it allows one to experience true alignment with the Divine power that has blessed humanity. Albert has a marketing mission to develop people’s lives through experiences. Albert stewardship is to oversee all designs and innovations of Ancient Energy’s products and service, quality control and overall experience a customer needs to experience.

Albert’s favorite mantra is "You become what you think about most of the time”. Which reminds us that everything in the universe comes where there is harmony, agreement, and manifestation between our spiritual and physical planes that transcends into all facets of being to generate our reality.

Catherine Gaytan


Catherine’s work with Ancient Energy centers on the concept of cultivating a truly holistic spiritual practice, one in which every person who discovers Ancient Energy would then learn more about themselves and the importance of seeking Divinity to be the source of all their inspiration. 

Catherine loves practicing sacred & holistic practices. She’s also a huge advocate for the art of chiropractic care and grounding. When fused with the sacred properties that Ancient Energy products provide, it allows us to experience true grounded-ness & alignment with the source/power that Divinity has blessed every human to harness & cultivate! Through Catherine’s background in design & marketing, her mission is to develop and enrich people’s lives through well crafted user/product experiences. She is responsible for overseeing all design and innovation aspects of Ancient Energy’s products and services, including product design, website design, graphic design, user experience design, and package design. Her visuals & content strategies help others cultivate a sacred space in their lives to invite peace, healing, and great abundance.