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The Healing Power of Shungite & How To Use It

The Healing Power of Shungite & How To Use It



Shungite is one of the oldest minerals found on planet earth, dating back to nearly 2 Billion years! It’s no wonder that this powerful mineral has the ability to heal us in a variety of ways, backed up by science. That’s right, this is more than your average quartz crystal used for meditation. Here is a background of Shungite and how you can use it to heal your body, mind and soul. 

Background & History

Shungite originates from Russia, near the Shun’ga village. It is well known for many healing benefits such as water filtration and more recently for its ability to protect you from 5g and Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF). 

The first mention of what historians believe to be shungite begins in the 16th Century with Russian Czar Ivan the Terrible from 1547-1575. Stories from that era suggest a spring of water that came from a “black slate” with pure and clean water coming out that was sought after by so many. 

Shungite got its fame in Russia was in the 17th Century when Xenia Romanova nearly died in prison and was revived by the “magic waters” from the black slate, or what we now know as shungite. Her son Micheal, became the first Czar of the Romanov Dynasty, ruling from 1613-1675. After the peasants saved Xenia, the shungite spring was renamed “Spring of the Princess”. 

Shungite was mentioned again in the era of Peter the Great, from 1682-1725 when he had copper mine workers falling gravely ill from the heavy work down in the mine. The ‘living water’ from a nearby spring with black slate brought them back to health in only 3 days' time. 

Peter the Great then made the first Russian Shungite Spa for his family, court, and patients/staff. He also used these waters and spa to rejuvenate his army. Unfortunately in 1780, there was a great fire and these spas were primarily made of wood, burning down the end of the first Shungite Spa in history. 

Three Types of Shungite 

There are three primary types of shungite, black, gray, and elite (or noble) shungite.

Elite shungite is the highest quality, and looks distinctly different as it has a glossy finish and is 90% carbon or more. This is the type that you want to use for water purification for drinking and healing purposes. Due to the high carbon content it also has the highest protection against EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies) in 5G towers and Wifi. 

Black Shungite is black in color and has 50-75% carbon content. It looks very similar to coal and has a matte finish, it is usually used in pendants and bracelets as it can be polished and cut easily. This type of shungite will still protect you from EMF and 5G, but is not recommended to use in drinking water. 

Gray Shungite is the lowest quality, as it is 30-50% carbon. It still helps neutralize EMF and 5G; it is dark gray in color. This type of shungite is typically used for larger pieces such as pyramids, spheres, phone stands, pocket stones, towers, etc. This is the most common of all shungite, and usually the most affordable. 

Scientific Discoveries

In 1996, three scientists discovered a compound present in shungite that landed them the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. This compound is called “Fullerenes”. Fullerenes is now classified as the third natural form of crystalline carbon, next to Graphite and Diamonds. 

The fullerenes present in shungite has led to its claim to fame in both scientific and historical communities alike. These fullerenes have also been found in meteorite sites and some scientists believe that the large shungite deposit in Russia is actually the remnants of an ancient meteor crash hundreds of thousands of years ago. 

Water Purification 

Shungite filters water like a carbon filter would, only elite shungite as it is composed of the highest carbon content. 

When shungite is placed in water, the fullerenes present attract and then neutralize waterborne contaminants. Shungite can remove bacteria and other microbes, nitrates, heavy metals, pesticides, volatile organics, trace amounts of pharmaceuticals, chlorine, and even fluoride. (Most other carbon filtration isn’t recommended for the removal of fluoride)

In addition to removing toxins, shungite remineralizes water and replaces toxins with antioxidants that can energize and rejuvenate the body. It can improve mental clarity, balances energy levels and helps the body heal. It is famous for its help with hair, skin, and nail health. Hair becomes stronger, longer and more elastic, skin is hydrated and can begin to glow, and nails become stronger. All just by soaking your elite shungite in water!

How to make shungite water

It is recommended to use Elite Shungite as it has the highest carbon content and helps with maximum purification. Simply soak your elite shungite in water (100g shungite:1 liter of water) for anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight. Scientists have shown that it only takes 30 minutes of elite shungite in water for antibacterial effects to take place. The longer you soak, the more antioxidants and benefits you will get from this wonderful elixir of life. It is recommended to soak for at least 5-8 hours to receive the full benefits.

It is important to note that you should CLEAN your shungite between uses. Begin with running water over the stones for a minute or two, then put the shungite in boiling water for a few minutes, then add 1-2 TBSP white vinegar in a jar with boiling water, leave stones overnight to clean thoroughly. 

It is imperative that you purchase authentic elite shungite from a trusted source. 

Our shungite is 100% authentic and you can purchase your own here for use in water cleansing. 

EMF Protection

EMFs are rampant in our 21st century world, and we are discovering the devastating effects they have on our health. Wifi is nearly everywhere depending on if you live in urban areas, and now 5G is rolling out across most first world countries at a rapid rate.

The potential health effects of these new technologies are just barely being understood, and the answer for healing our bodies and protecting them may be the ancient deposit of shungite. 

You can wear it as a pendant, stick a plate to your cell phone, or have a pyramid at your wifi router. All of these products can be found here and will help you to reclaim your health, by using this ancient stone medicine. 

Keep in mind, that shungite does not guarantee to cure you from any major ailments, but it can help cleanse and heal your body of toxins from modern day life. You now have the knowledge to be in full vibrant health, and reclaim your birthright to a healthy body. 


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