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The Powers of Orgone Energy

The Powers of Orgone Energy

What is “Orgone” energy? Who coined the term? How can we utilize it? What are its benefits? What can it protect us from?


The concept of “Orgone” energy was beginning to be embraced by the greatest scientific minds of the 20th century before European and US government agencies moved to use imprisonment and suppression to ban literature on the subject, to make one of the great discoveries of modern medicine disappear almost entirely. 

Dr. Wilhelm Reich coined the term “Orgone” Energy after studying the life-force undercurrent of the human “orgasm”. “Orgone” is a name given to this universal, omnipresent etheric field of energy that permeates our multiverse and all life on it.

Reich was an Austrian Scientist, Psychoanalyst and Inventor. Through his scientific research of the orgasm and the disease state of his patients in which the flow of life-force (Orgone) was blocked, Reich re-discovered the energy that many cultures have known for eons as “Chi”, “Ki”, “Prana”, “Life Force”, “Mana” and “Ether”.  

Dr. Reich would eventually create an “Orgone Accumulator” that was a phone-booth sized box that produced truly amazing healing effects for his patients, many of them terminally ill with cancer at the time. 

An “ORAC” (the abbreviation for an Orgone Accumulator) contained a 1:1 ratio of inorganic to organic elements that was made with alternating layers of organic material and metal sheets. 

During his experiments, Reich concluded that organic materials like wood and wool accumulate and harness nearby energy fields, while inorganic materials (steel wool, steel etc.) simultaneously accumulate & repel the surrounding energy. 

Reich’s Accumulator essentially pulled in the surrounding ether like a vacuum, and kept it concentrated inside the middle of the Accumulator Box via an oscillating effect of the inner steel plates. This is where the patients would sit for about a half hour at a time, just once or twice a week. 

His patients would essentially soak up the concentrated life force energy, which he had by this time already termed “OR”, for “Orgone”.

When the surrounding “Orgone” energy was negative, chaotic, dead, or stagnant, it was the opposite, and dangerous. He called this energy “DOR”, for “Deadly Orgone”.

Reich’s ORAC spawned creative inspiration in those who would follow in his footsteps and utilize his concepts of layering inorganic and organic compounds to draw in the nearby energy. Karl Hans Welz was an early pioneer in this field, as were Don and Carol Croft. “Orgonite” would eventually come into being in the late 80’s & early 90’s, termed by Welz to mimic Reich’s ORAC. However, these devices were much smaller, they were hand-held, muffin-sized, and essentially portable Orgone accumulators, filled with epoxy and iron powder (organic/inorganic 1:1).

The Crofts intuitively took “Orgonite” a step further and added a “brain” to the mini-accumulators: the Quartz Crystal, which is an oscillator, and excellent at stabilizing and balancing energy. “Orgone Energy Devices” as we know them today were born. The basic ingredients for an Orgone Energy Device are metal(s), resin, and Quartz crystal(s). 

Piezoelectric Quartz crystals are the foundation, but many other gemstones and minerals are also added by some creators to stabilize any chaotic/dead/stagnant energy and flip/transmute it to life force (Orgone) with more potency. 

Casting resin and epoxy is used as the organic component, while many metals (atomized and shavings) are the inorganic component. When catalyzer is added to the resin, it hardens within minutes, and squeezes on the Quartz crystals (and piezoelectric salts, sands, and minerals), creating piezoelectricity, which activates the properties of the crystals, minerals and gemstones. 

The conductive inorganic metals (gold, silver, copper, aluminum, steel, iron, brass) accumulate and repel, and create friction due to their close proximity, a physics term called the “Casimir Effect”. 

Iron filings and neodymium rare earth magnets can also be added to increase magnetism and strength to not only pull in at a high capacity, but repel out (Orgone) energy into the surrounding environment.


Meanwhile -going back to Reich’s experiments using 1:1 organic to inorganic- the organic resin accumulates the surrounding energy, while all the inorganic metals accumulate and repel it simultaneously. This creates an even stronger friction that compliments the Casimir Effect and magnetism, a “push-pull, scrubbing” effect. The result being the ultimate etheric energy purifier. 

A self-functioning device powerful enough to pull in, stabilize and repel out Orgone Energy.


Any “dead” energy (DOR) gets transmuted and harmonized through the activated, piezoelectric properties of the energy-stabilizing crystals (and optional minerals, gemstones and Monoatomic Gold superconductors that are also added to enhance the strength). 

Reich’s “Orgone Accumulators” were successful in treating acute and chronic conditions, even cancer. There was a medical advancement and new healing modality being discovered and simultaneously introduced to the American people and the world. 

Once the FDA, AMA and American government found out about not only Reich’s discovery of Orgone, but also how this discovery of Orgone’s ability to clear energetic blockages to enable the body to heal, they began to harass Reich and sent him to jail. He died in jail under dubious circumstances two weeks before he was to be paroled. Most of his books were burned, but some weren’t, and those were translated and later re-released, and the consciousness of this energy has made a compelling and breakthrough  comeback ever since. The early pioneers in this return of “life force” consciousness were Karl Hans Welz and Don & Carol Croft, and their legions of orgonite gifters and crafters. 

We are now utilizing this life force energy by mimicking his Reich’s Accumulator, but adding a variety of piezoelectric and potent crystals, minerals, gemstones, salts, sand, a plethora of atomized minerals/metals, tensor rings, radionics & magnets to draw in the surrounding ether, transmute it and repel it out at a stronger level due to the influx of higher frequencies from 5G and 6G.

Cell tower sites and homes and businesses benefit from the presence of orgonite in the vicinity, as Orgone devices are etheric energy purifiers wherever they are placed. 

In review: 

  • Piezoelectricity occurs when the resin shrinks around all the minerals, gemstones and crystals, activating the properties and (Earth) wisdom in those stones.

  • The “Casimir Effect” is when metals in close proximity to each other give off a charge. 

  • Magnetism is from atomized iron, iron filings and Neodymium rare earth magnets. 

  • Organic elements (polyester and fiberglass casting resin, epoxy) accumulate

the surrounding energy.

  • Inorganic elements (metal filings, metal powders, copper coils etc) not only pull in the surrounding energy but reflect and repel it. Wilhelm Reich found that by using a 1:1 ratio of organic to inorganic elements, you can create your own ORAC and harness life force energy. 

If the energy you harness happens to be “dead” Orgone (DOR), from radiation-spewing towers; then the energy would be accumulated but by adding a “brain” to the orgone matrix like Carol Croft intuitively added to the equation (Quartz Crystals, gemstones & minerals like tourmaline, Shungite etc), you can PURIFY and transmute the accumulated energy and all the metals will repel that out. The result is a self-functioning capacitor with the ability to flip stagnant energy. 

This protects us immensely from manmade electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and allows for improved cellular communication, which can result in much better (deep R.E.M.) sleep, enhanced lucid dreamscapes and a sense of calmness. 

Thank you Wilhelm Reich, thank you to the early Orgone pioneers and thank you to God for giving us this energy. We are grateful. 


- Dave Lawrence

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